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Blessed Bees Apiaries are located in Stony Flat Farm, Huntly, Virginia and in Haymarket, Virginia.  Custom Upholstering & Total Restorations in Marshall, Virginia, has sponsored a total of six hives.  Check out our blog Blessed Bees to find out how they're doing.

Honey bees are responsible for the pollination of more than 100 crops, including fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and provide 80 percent of the country's pollination services.  Together we can make our world a better place for our children and the environment if we each take a small step towards that goal.  That could include recycling, conserving energy, and using organic methods in growing crops. 

Honey Bee Swarm removal

Honey bee (left) and Yellow Jacket (right)

Swarm of honey bees

Bumble Bee


Yellow Jacket

Honey Bee Swarms - Removed for free under most circumstances if located in a yard, tree, fence or anywhere else where the bees are easily located. Honey Bee Colonies In Hollow Trees - Nominal fee under most conditions. Fee based on level of work required to access the colony and equipment needed to remove the bees.

Phone for appointment, 703-220-4192, or email me: [email protected]. If possible, please send me a photo of the bees and location of the swarm.

Please DO NOT spray the bees with chemicals. If you find some Honey Bees, please do not bother them, call me and I will 'bee' there as quickly as possible.

When calling for bee removal, please be prepared to answer the following questions: Are you sure they are honey bees? Yellow jackets and wasps are often mistaken for honey bees. How big is the cluster and what does it look like? Honey bees cluster as one big mass of bees; if they are a small cluster around a knot in a tree or hole in a wall they are no longer a swarm but an established hive which is much more difficult and time consuming to remove. If the 'ball' has a gray color or papery look then it is a wasp nest. Where is the swarm located? How high is it? Height usually adds to the difficulty of removal and requires ladders or special equipment. Swarms on fixed locations such as fence posts and walls can't be shook or cut off as they could if located on a small branch. How long have they been here? Swarms that have been there for more than a few days are probably an established hive.


 First 2 bee hives at Stony Flat Farm

 Bears like honey too...

Inspecting bee hives.

Can you locate the Queen?

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